About HC

Leading people into a thriving relationship with Jesus

We are a community of people following Jesus who focus to lead people of all walks of life into a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ and other believers

Heartland Church seeks to have a heart for people from all walks of life – a place of common ground where anyone from any background can plug in and find a Christ-centered family full of dynamic love and hope.

It is our desire to create safe, relevant, and irresistible environments to connect believers with one another in hopes of accomplishing the four goals for our partners.

Take My Next Bold Step
The most important bold step that someone can ever take is entering into a relationship with Jesus.  We continually challenge people to take a step towards Jesus in whatever season of life that may look like for you.

Invite and Invest
By sharing the Gospel and investing in others through relationships and discipleship, this is truly the beginning of experiencing true intimacy as a part of God's church.

Living generously
We believe that we are living life the way it was truly meant to be lived when we start to think selflessly in every aspect of our life including our time, energy and finances. 

Live without Limits
A divine interruption from God is critical to faith development.  So we encourage people to live open to the possibility that we serve a God than can do anything.  Every detail and moment of life is a God given moment designed for us to get rid of our "God boxes".

What We Believe
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